Version 1.3 Japanese, when???

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Peace Freak

Version 1.3 Japanese, when???

投稿記事by Peace Freak » 2006/4/24 19:21


Sorry that this is in English. I am in Japan and must set up a Zen-Cart for my Japanese friend.

On the English Zen-Cart site I read that upgrading from version 1.2 to 1.3 is not so easy and has some problems, so I would like to begin building my site with the English 1.3 version, IF the Japanese version will not be too long to be ready...

So my question is, about when is version 1.3 Japanese expected to be released? One month, 3 months, 6 months, a year?

If it will not be too long, I will use 1.3 from now. If it will be a long time I will use 1.2...

Thank you and I am sorry to write in English, but my Japanese is not good. If you want you can answer in Japanese. I can read a little Japanese and use a software translater...


Peace Freak
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投稿記事by hide-10 » 2006/4/25 00:12

Hello Peace,

I am hide-10.
Welcome to from (Remember me?)

I may use a strange expression because I am not good at English. Don't care about that, please. :wink:

I am building v1.3 in Japanese.
I can build Japanese most of v1.3 by using v1.2.
However, I must translate new words of v1.3.

If you are in a hurry, I think that you had better use v1.2.
I guess that no one knows when is the Japanese version of v1.3 released.

Sorry for my broken-english. :lol:
Peace Freak

投稿記事by Peace Freak » 2006/4/25 01:31

Hello Hide,

Yes I remember you from the English site...

Thank you for your reply. Your English is understandable and good and much better than my Japanese. I think you are doing a great job to develop J Zen Cart. I hope some other people are assisting you. If you need help with English, please let me know.

I guess I will begin to install version 1.2 and test it out. I will make notes in English on how I install and set up the Japanese version. That way it will help other English speakers who want to install the Japanese Zen-Cart. You can then publish them on your site.

Thank you! :D


PS. I am sure I will have some more questions for you or other members of the forum in the future. Your help will be appreciated...
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投稿記事by 中野@アークウェブ » 2006/4/25 11:31

Peace Freak,

We, team is now working on localizing Zen Cart 1.3 to Japanese.
The release date might be mid of may, or end of may.
Peace Freak

投稿記事by Peace Freak » 2006/4/26 00:40

Thank you for the time schedule Nakano San...

Well, that is not so long for me, so I think I will begin setting up the cart with version 1.3... I am making it in my free time so I think it will take a few weeks to a month to do it.

Thank you for your reply,

From Chiba Ken...

1.3 J version

投稿記事by hutten » 2006/5/13 23:46

Hi there,
I was just wondering, has the Japanese Zen Cart 1.3 been finished yet? If so, can you tell where I can find the download link to it?

ZenCart v1.3

投稿記事by makulit » 2006/7/04 22:49


Am just wondering if Zen Cart v1.3 will be released anytime soon?
Am running English ZenCart v1.3 and really need the japanese version as my website should also run in Japanese. Badly need the Japanese version.

Thanks and looking forward for the release. Sorry, I have to write in English.


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